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Event Equipment Hire

Smartrad Event Safety Case

Rentable Fire and First Aid response kit for ANY event or stage.

In a tough road case, this First Response Fire and First Aid kit is supplied in a tough flight case, that can be deployed at any project, stage, event, wedding or production. 

This can be deployed as a small response kit for the duration, or be the temporary kit whilst waiting for the production medical & fire teams to be onsite.

Be Compliant with Event Fire Requirements

We offer a range of Fire Extinguishers and signage for ALL events.

Smartrad Creative has a full range of extinguishers with compliant fire stands and signage to bring your event up to meet licensing requirements.

smartrad fire hire

Sustainable Stock Flats

We  have fabricated studio and event flats for reuse and sustainable rentals. based on an 8'x4' stock flat, we have a range of offerings to build a base set for any event.

Hire these great quality modular flats and build your event walls. Cover and paint as you require, and once vcompleted, send the flats back to be used again on the next event.

Neat solution for sustainable events.

We  have reclaimed and reusable Theatre production sets for rental

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