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Scenic Flat Hire

Sustainable Rental Event Scenery Flats -

Our scenic flats are available in 4 sizes:
8’x2′  (2440 x 660)
8’x4′  (2440 x 1220)

2' (660) topper extensions to make 10' tall flats.
These will create the foundations of all your set builds.

We construct these in the 'Pinewood' studio method- which is timber 'on-edge' to make for a sturdier set piece.

ALSO AVAILABLE: Stiffener Battens, French Braces, Stage weights, Door Flats with Door

ALL are available for hire.

Constructed from 3×1 prepared pine and 5.5mm Euro Class B MDF,

this system is connected with M10 coach bolts, providing a rigid and user friendly piece of set.

These dry hires are intended to be used by competent and experienced  construction crew for self-assembly. 

We offer 2 solutions:

Set Flattage to be painted or Prime Flattage  Clean Un-painted.


Prime Scenic flats are delivered with the timber as the default face.

All Prime flattage must have a scenic covering to the ply wood face prior to painting.

Set Flattage will be issues with a white or black painted finish- and can be painted over by designers.


Please contact us today for best pricing for construction workshops, event builders, set constructions.

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