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smartrad creative live event production services

Bring your Events to Life

As a creative production and events company, we bring a world of expertise to every event, blending strategy, technical and creative expertise to deliver connected live and theatrical events that generate exceptional levels of engagement.

We provide a full event production, project and scenic delivery service, our team of talented event planners, production managers and technicians, are on hand to slot into or bolster your team.

Let us handle each element of your event from design, planning, to production and transfers, so you can focus on the end result and creative intent.

Having worked with some of the biggest theatre and live events in the United Kingdom to design, plan, fabricate and deliver their events we know that a robust planning phase is the key to ensuring that we create a truly superb event that delivers to audiences. 

Specialists in delivering Production, Project and Safety Management Services.

Stunning stage sets, visuals and state-of-the-art Lighting and AV are essential ingredients of every world class event. 

Our stable mates provide stage engineering solutions.

NEW Consumables and Stock Products for the Event , Theatre, TV/Film Professionals

Delivering theatre set builds, Event scenic builds and christmas grotto installations.

Sustainable and reusable set hire & scenery.

No more built for land fill sets.

Lets be more efficient with our sets.

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