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Health & Safety Advisor

Smartrad Health & Safety
Smartrad Health & Safety

Smartrad Creative Health & Safety Services offers a wealth of knowledge and experience to Directors, Producers and Location Management within the film industry to reduce the risk of injury, delays in production filming, prosecution and harm to reputation through poor media coverage.

It is a legal duty for each organisation to have available a “competent” health and safety person available to provide information as required to management to ensure a safe and healthy workplace.

It is also a legal duty to provide risk assessments and safe systems of work to ensure a safe place for film production. Management of film productions are responsible to assess the foreseeable risks (risk assessment) involved then provide control measures to eliminate, control and manage the residual risk. To ensure that the procedures during filming are as safe as possible a Method Statement is required. This provides a methodical step by step approach to how the production can be carried out in the safest manner. This methodology begins at concept right through to completion of the production.

Recent Projects:

  • Capital Summertime Ball 2022 - Production Safety Manager.

  • Leeds Festival 2022 - Event Safety Manager

  • Saved & Remade 2021 - Production Safety Adviser.

  • Cobra Season 3 - Production Safety Adviser

  • Multiple Tv Drama Productions (under NDA) 2022 & 2023

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